Embarc Events

Cannabis for all.

Committed to destigmitizing cannabis.

We’re the fastest growing independent cannabis concessionaire focused on demonstrating through action that cannabis can integrate mindfully and sensitively into mainstream events.

Our team helped to pave the way for legal cannabis to compliantly exist at mainstream events. 

We understand how to integrate responsibly into communities and provide safe access to consumers of all types.

A proven team to lead the way.

With over 350 years of experience across highly regulated industries, our team brings deep expertise in cannabis retail, operations, distribution, and consumption as well as operating live mainstream events of all sizes.

1. Fastest growing independent cannabis retailer in California

2. First cannabis company to have a community advisory board in communities throughout California

3. Leaders in cannabis retail, operations, consumption and live events

4. Drafted and managed cannabis legalization policy

5. Involved in the development of implementing regulations

6. Opened the first cannabis consumption restaurant

7. Proven dedication to promoting diversity and inclusion