Embarc Events

A new frontier.

Bringing cannabis concessions to the world’s largest events.

From compliance to operations, our team has created the pathway for cannabis concessions and is ready to deploy our model at mainstream events.


From spearheading the Blue Ribbon Commission to drafting and managing Proposition 64, our team architected and continues to refine California’s cannabis regulatory landscape. Having this seat at the table ensures we are always operating sensitively in communities.

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We work hand in hand with regulators and are actively involved in the development of implementing regulations.

Public Affairs

Our team works directly with local and state officials on all aspects of events.


We handle all licensing at the local and state level.


Cannabis is complex. Through our years of navigating the industry we’ve developed a proprietary, proven model that is ready to deploy at events of all sizes. We handle everything to ensure you have a safe, seamless, profitable event.



Our team comes equipped with expertise in cannabis retail operations, consumption operations, live events and more.



From drafting plans to working directly with local fire and police departments, our security is designed to meet the needs of each venue.



We bring the technological infrastructure necessary to facilitate frictionless sales on-site with the ability to order ahead.

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From point A to B, we handle distribution, storage and management of product.


With our industry knowledge, data and network, we’re able to shape event programming to cater to the community and audience. Cannabis is not one-size-fits-all and we believe in providing a variety of products and entry points that are approachable to all.

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We work with the best brands in cannabis and can facilitate sponsorships for the event, owning this process entirely or in coordination with the broader event team.

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As cannabis operators, we have our finger on the pulse of industry trends to ensure your event’s product offerings meet the needs of all consumer types.

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We are committed to ensuring the cannabis ecosystem is diverse and can work with local governments and operators to ensure local equity is meaningfully incorporated into the event.

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White Labeling and Branding

We can provide white labeling services for events looking to offer unique, branded SKUs for consumers.


Smooth seamless, consessions for high-volume events.


As one of the fastest growing independent retailers in California, we understand smooth, compliant retail operations and customer service.


Our team has a deep understanding of what safe, responsible cannabis consumption looks like and can design experiences appropriate for all types of venues.

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Understanding how to best utilize data is critical to optimizing the event and establishing a relationship with consumers that can be retargeted to maximize benefit. Our team brings the knowledge, tools and experience to effectively leverage data.

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From the budtenders we hire to the environment we curate, we are committed to providing safe, responsible access to cannabis.